ANI bikinis are innovative pieces that exhibit fine craftsmanship with attention to detail. The swimwear’s lavish look is enriched by the striking selection of hand-dyed, textured fabrics and crochet knits. The unique fabric selection as well as simplified designs make the brand stand out in its industry. ANI bikinis strive to make all-inclusive pieces that focus on style, comfort, and the perfect fit. We make flattering pieces that are both sexy and stylish.
Another unique feature is that all ANI bikinis are designed and produced 100% in the USA. ANI bikinis does not take part in mass-production, and all fabrics are hand-selected. We also believe in "short-sale" of fabric styles. This makes the collection more exclusive as far as one of a kind pieces, and no two pieces look the same!


Ani Breslin, designer and founder of ANI bikinis, innovates the swim business with her one of a kind fabrics and uniquely fashionable designs by producing quality bikinis for women who are not afraid to show it off.
The concept of Ani’s vision to create an inclusive bikini came fairly simple. She was inspired by her daily summer routine of hanging out at the beach, surfing, and lounging with friends poolside, while dancing to the Rolling Stones late into the warm summer nights.
Finding inspiration in spontaneous travels around the globe, Ani models her designs around the many experiences she encounters in far off places. Interactions with the local natives including their art, culture and their history continue to inspire her long after she leaves. Ani’s endless perseverance in creating the perfect bikini can be seen simply by picking one up and trying it on.


"For the women who are like me. For the women who inspire me. Who aren't afraid to show some skin and have fun. I want the women who wear ANI bikinis to not only make a statement, but to be the statement. 

Fashion fades, style is eternal. Women who wear ANI bikinis will be drawn to what I create because they have style, edge, charm, and class. But they will not be afraid to get dirty, dance around, and drink whiskey with the men.

We are not afraid of anything. We look good. We have fun. We travel the world and make memories no one will ever forget. We cause trouble and we don't care. Because at the end of the day, the best dressed wins"